JTS IN64R/IN64TB/CM501 - bezdrátový klopový mikrofon

5 800 Kč

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Bezdrávový klopový mikrofon !! Pro mluvené slovo či sport / aerobik atd ... / doporučeno hlavový mikrofon JTS CM 204 U !!


REMOSET(patent pending): uses a RF signal to send frequency change settings from the IN SERIES receiver to the IN64TH (IN64TB) transmitter in a fraction of a second.
64 UHF channels arranged in 4 preset groups.
300 Ft. (100 meter) operation distance.
LCD Displays: RF Level, Audio Level, Low Battery Indicator, Antenna Status, Channel Selection.

Option: The IN64THSM Handheld Transmitter could feature JTS’s New SAM-8W mic capsule for high gain before feedback and super low handling noise.

Phase-locked Loop (PLL) synthesized tuner.
Powered by 2 x AA batteries with 12 hrs. average battery life.
Equipped with 4 Pin Mini XLR connector.
Heavy Duty plastic case.
LCD display with channel and battery life indicator, ID number.
The “lock-on” function prevents tampering and RF interruption.
Extended dynamic range and smooth frequency response.
Noise mute and tone-key squelch.
Compatible with Guitar cable and wireless instrument microphones.


‧Uni-direction for high-quality voice pick-up. ‧Wide dynamic range and frequency response for excellent sound reinforcement. ‧Small size for minimum visibility. ‧Together with clip for easy attaching to a tie, lapel, dress etc.

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